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abidjan Summit 2024

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This year, AfricArena will organise 6 hybrid events across 4 regions in Africa, building up to the annual AfricArena Grand Summit in Cape Town. The Regional Events will bring together startups, investors and corporations operating in the Region and across Africa.

Step into a unique space of innovation and partnership at the AfricArena Abidjan Summit, taking place from the 25th to the 26th of June 2024 in the vibrant city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. This exclusive event is the crossroad where the African investment ecosystems converge.

Join a prestigious cohort of investors, venture capitalists, limited partners, and family offices, along with the top minds in business, tech and investment in the region. Our mission? To strengthen the ties between Ivory Coast and African tech sectors, creating partnership opportunities, fostering exchanges, and catalysing investments.


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founders bootcamp

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A private workshop dedicated to selected startups from across the countries will be pitching at the AfricArena Summit. 


It aims to create strong connections, peer-to-peer learning between the entrepreneurs, training and equipping startups with the necessary tools and knowledge to prepare them to showcase and effectively deliver high quality, concise and engaging pitches to the right audience.

founders bootcamp PROGRAM

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Objectives of the Learning Expedition to Abidjan


AfricArena is providing partners, corporates delegates, and investors the opportunity to explore the Ivory Coast Tech entrepreneurial and investor scene.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for entrepreneurs alike to network and gain invaluable insight into the Ivorian ecosystem and its important local innovation players in just one day. It is the occasion to discover the Abidjan innovation and cultural scene just before the AfricArena Tour conference in the city the 24th of June.


The Learning Expedition is designed to cover key aspects such as:

  • Corporate collaboration

  • Funding in Ivory Coast

  • An overview of the innovation landscape Business in Ivory Coast & Africa

  • Soft-landing possibilities


These topics will be covered while visiting some of Abidjan’s leading co-working spaces, accelerators and incubators, where key local innovation, speakers will be giving insights into one of Africa’s most exciting tech landscapes.

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