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AfricArena is an African tech accelerator that runs Corporate Open Innovation challenges throughout the African continent.

Going into its fifth year, AfricArena has the privilege of operating in three key spheres that underpin Africa’s economic landscape. These being: tech startups, corporations, and investors (i.e. angel investors, VCs, CVCs and other institutional investors).

Through open innovation challenges, in partnership with corporations, we aim to bring together these 3 spheres, to foster co-investment and collaboration that can move the economies and people of the continent forward.

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2020 was bound to be a different year...

AfricArena brings to you its second annual report on Africa's robust startup ecosystem - highlighting the challenges and trends that defined 2020.

Going into its fifth year, AfricArena has the privilege of operating in three key spheres that underpin Africa’s economic landscape. These being: tech startups, corporations, and investors. This report encompasses all three views, and more, in understanding the current state of the African tech ecosystem, as reshaped by COVID-19 pandemic.

AfricArena 2021

Regional Summits

This year, AfricArena will organize 4 hybrid events across 4 regions in Africa, in building up to the annual AfricArena Summit in Cape Town. The Regional Events will bring together startups, investors and corporations operating in the Region. ±25 startups from the Region will be selected to pitch at the Grand Summit in Cape Town in December 2021.

Johannesburg South Africa

Southern Africa

The Southern Africa Summit will take place in Johannesburg (Workshop 17) South Africa on 19 and 20 May 2021.

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Get Wired

Connect with the world of African Tech Startup and share knowledge right from the palm of your hand.

AfricArena Wired is a curated community and knowledge base that connects african tech founders, investors, partners, mentors and ecosystem players.

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Cape Town City Center
Reading the Paper


We have made it easier for you to access key information about the current landscape of investments and crowdfunding in Africa, and how can it be an empowering tool to bridge the funding gap for startups in the continent.



The Summit

An annual conference that showcases Africa's best startups and innovators in front of an audience of local and international investors looking for world-class talent.

AfricArena Air

The virtual component of the AfricArena Summit. For 4 days, tune in from where ever you are and hear from thought leaders on the current and future state of tech innovation and investment in Africa. 



The Unconference is an annual event that takes place in Cape Town, South Africa the two days before the Summit. It brings together local and international investors with the aim to enhance the way that investing is done in the continent.

More Events

At AfricArena, we are continuously involved in initiatives throughout the African tech ecosystem. This is why we are organising side events in collaboration with other major organisations to foster the ecosystem's dynamism.

challenges to accelerate

Since its inception in 2017, AfricArena has partnered with 15+ corporations and realised 30+ corporate open innovation challenges.

Our corporate open innovation challenges range from various verticals, find yours and unlock the growth potential of your organisation!

corporate challenges

Bpifrance Challenge

Searching for scale-ready start-ups that look to expand to Europe. Those startups are looking to raise funds, between €1 and €3 million, to finance that expansion.

Applications closed.

ecosystem challenges


Best of Ecosystem - Casablanca, Morocco

We are looking for the best disruptive startups in Morocco to represent their nation and ecosystem at the AfricArena Summit in Cape Town. The selected startups will be flown and accommodated in Cape Town, take part in a series of workshops and showcase at the grand stage of the AfricArena Summit.

Applications closed.

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