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Open innovation challenges

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Since its inception in 2017, AfricArena has partnered with numerous corporations and institutions to launch open innovation challenges targeted at Africa's best tech startups. We run open innovation challenges across the African tech ecosystem - providing a platform that fosters innovation, collaboration, co-investment and dealflow.

Are you a startup with a tech-enabled solution that fits a challenge?  

Are you a corporation or private or public institution looking to deploy an open innovation project in the African continent?

You have found the right dance partner. Read on and take a look at our open innovation challenges.

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Open Innovation Challenges
for Startups


Saint-Gobain Challenge

An open innovation challenge, targeted at ecommerce and/or fintech startups operating in Africa, specifically in Egypt, Kenya and South Africa.

Ecosystem Challenges 

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Every year, AfricArena comes to the best tech hubs in Africa. We organise events with renown local incubators in order to source the best startups of the Continent.

In each city, we will be selecting at least one startup that will be invited to our Summit, our weekend startup Bootcamp as well as its side events. Apply for the challenge in your city!

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Ecosystem Challenges for Startups


AfricArena North Africa Challenge

Building up to the North Africa Summit, We are looking for the best disruptive and  most promising tech startups in North Africa to pitch their innovation in a series of virtual events.

These challenges will be divided by stage: Seed, Series A and Growth.

Apply to stand a chance to participate and pitch at the AfricArena North Africa Summit

Coming soon...

Open Innovation Partners

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Up for a challenge?

If open innovation is in your DNA like us, the AfricArena Portals are your gateways to join a community of startups, investors, corporates and other key ecosystem players.

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