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AfricArena tours Senegal and Tunisia

In September, the AfricArena Tour led us to the beautiful cities of Dakar and Tunis, where, collectively, more than 20 startups took to the stage to present their disruptive ideas to our panel of judges. With only one exciting month away from the final conference, these pitching events were a clear indication of the type of tech talent we can expect to see battling it out at the AfricArena 2018 event in Cape Town.


Wrapping up the latest events

The first event took place on 19 September at CTIC in Dakar. It kicked off with a relevant panel discussion from the following corporate, investor, ecosystem and startup voices: Lydia Babaci-Victor (Vinci Energies), Abdoul Aziz Sy (Impact Dakar), Tidjane Deme (Partech Ventures), Aziz Yerima (PayDunya) and Morganne Vannier (SEKOU). The topic was focused on the role of Dakar and Senegal in the African tech ecosystem, where plenty of insightful opinions and tips were generated from this conversation.

After the panel discussion, each representative was asked to pitch their unique idea on behalf of their startup. The startups which featured were: MaTontine, PayDunya, Weebi, BaySeddo, Wizall, InTouch, JenMedia, NelamService, Volkeno, Wutiko, Bonergie and Oniriq. As a result, PayDunya was selected as the best startup of the Senegalese ecosystem. We are thrilled to announce that their team will have the privilege of pitching to local and international investors at the AfricArena 2018 conference in Cape Town.

A few days later, the Tunis event took place on 24 September at the Cogite Coworking Space. Again, we started the event with a topical discussion on the role that Tunisia plays in the African tech ecosystem. Our passionate team of panellists were Khalil Tarhouni (Endeavor), Mehdi Ben Hamdene (Atlas Financial Solutions), Amine Chouaieb (Chifco), Christophe Viarnaud (AfricArena) and Malek Mastouri (Methys).

The speaker exchanges were incredibly informative, leading to more insightful discussions from the startup representatives themselves. We were mesmerised by the talent from the following startups: Digital Mania, GST, Afrostar, Flown Slow, Hablo, Heal Up, Naviacom and X-O Inscrypt. Overall, Géo Solutions Technologie (GST) took the lead and won the Tunis Ecosystem Challenge title for the day.

Our trip to Senegal and Tunisia was unbelievable and we are buzzing with excitement to see what these innovative minds will bring to our final AfricArena 2018 conference in November. Our teams would like to wish the startups which won’t be attending AfricArena 2018 with us all the best for the year ahead. We will be keeping track of your success and future endeavours, and we hope to see you next year!

Let the countdown begin

The final event is around the corner, taking place on 15 and 16 November in Cape Town. Visitors can expect to witness keynote speeches and panel discussions with influential speakers from Europe and Africa, as well as startups battling it out to win a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity.

The remaining challenges open for application are as follows:
RCS Challenge: RCS is looking for a product which is able to secure and store customer ID and authentication credentials to help ease customer on-boarding and transaction approval.
Air France–KLM Challenge 2: Air FranceKLM is looking for an innovative solution that could help build and enrich the travel experience in Africa.
Saint-Gobain Challenge: Saint-Gobain is looking for a satellite trend analysis solution that is able to predict urban and climate challenges.
Vinci Energies Challenge 2: This challenge focuses on how to make energy more accessible in Africa, using energy efficiency solutions such as energy flows, blockchain and AI.
VivaTech 2019 Challenge: VivaTech is looking for ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can help generate a self-sustaining growth in the AgriTech industry.

Leroy Merlin Challenge: This challenge focuses on customer experience. They are looking for an innovative concept that can assist in making product and showroom display more immersive.

ENGIE Challenge: This client is committed to improving access to energy throughout the continent, and therefore looking for ways to ensure that there are reliable electricity suppliers in urban areas.

Sanofi South Africa Challenge: This challenge focuses on healthcare needs. They are looking for an idea that can help them to optimise patient treatment adherence and completion rate.
The FSAT Labs Challenge: The French South African Tech Labs are looking for startups which are able to turn their idea into a sustainable business by joining their incubation programme.

All startups interested in the above challenges can upload and submit their pitches, according to an AfricArena 2018 challenge, via our website. For more information on how to get involved as a startup, investor or partner, please send your request to or register online today.


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