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AfricArena Tour 2019: Highlights from Lagos, Nigeria


Lagos was the sixth destination (out of 12) of the AfricArena Tour 2019. This start up pitch event was hosted in partnership with Global Techspace.


The annual Global Startup Ecosystem Report released in early May by Startup Genome listed Lagos  as one of 12 “challenger” startup ecosystems, alongside the likes of Hangzhou, Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, São Paulo and Tokyo. African ecosystems are normally neglected in such global reports, but, Lagos seems to have made the cut based on its status as a major focus point for the African continent.  Another global research report, Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2019 (April),  by Startup Blink, listed Lagos the 99th most developed startup city in the world. Other African cities in the top quartile globally were Nairobi (105), Cape Town (157), Cairo (177), Tunis (223), Kigali (232), Accra (244) and Johannesburg (248). Given the mentioned rankings, very significantly, Lagos has became the first African city to climb into the top 100 of the most developed startup cities.


We know that the Nigerian startup ecosystem is massive and vibrant. The startup pitch event of the AfricArena Tour in Lagos was an exciting and insightful display of talent – reminding is that there is so much potential for high impact in the African continent.


The event, which took place on Friday, June 7th, brought together an enthusiastic crowd of over 100 people at NG_Hub. Preceding the main event, the startup pitches, was a panel discussion on the ecosystem in Nigeria – an analysis into its hyper-growth and how it fits into the broader African tech ecosystem.


The insightful and engaging discussion included the following panelists:

Aramide Abe. Executive Director at Ninja Startups

Ayowande Adalemo. Director at Founders Institute. 

Blessing Abeng. Director at Startup Grind Lagos & Cofounder at Afropreneur. 

Fisayo Durojaye. Senior Associate Venture Capitalist at Echo VC.

Joseph Agunbiade. Co-founder & Technology Lead at BudgiT.

Taiwo Ajetunmobi. Cofounder at Passion Incubator.


The Lagos startup pitch event attracted the top 10 tech-based Nigerian startups that are breaking ground in their own unique ways.


Boardsmith –

Since 2018, Boardsmith has been actively involed in online and digital AdTech solutions with a core focus on experiential advertising leveraging on technology. Some technologies they have explored for Gamification are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wi-Fi deployment and multiplayer gaming.


EduPoint –

EduPoint leverages on AI as an online platform that connects students with verified local teachers who deliver one-on-one lessons in any subject, skill or exam, to help students/learners meet their learning expectations and also enble passionate tutors to earn extra income.


FindWorka –

FindWorka is an on-demand platform for amazing tech talents and products. They are on a mission to empowering today’s companies and talents with the technologies and opportunities needed to succeed in the evolving digital economy.


GeroCare –

The elderly are the most abandoned segment of society, particularly with regards to their healthcare needs. GeroCare tackles this issue by providing quality, convenient, preventive care for the elderly in the comfort of their own homes with one click. Their online platform plus product extensions enables customers reach, engage and pay for regular doctor visits and other medical services.

GeroCare makes it possible for Nigerians at home and abroad to subscribe to regular doctor home visits for parents and other elders through an established network of doctors across the country enabled by the GeroCare application.


LifeBank –

LifeBank is on a mission to save one million lives. Firm in the belief that no African should die from a shortage of essential medical products at the Hospital level, their goal is to deliver needed medical products such as blood, blood products, oxygen, as well as vaccines to hospitals across Africa.

Having received public endorsement from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and coverage from major media outlets such as CNN and BBC, they have moved close to 15 000 medical supplies thus far and are fast on their way to achieving their mission.


Loystar –

A constant challenge for businesses is putting their brands out there, and connecting and engaging with new customers where they are. Whether in-store or on-the-go, online or offline, wherever you find your customers, business can happen brilliantly and you can sell anywhere with the Loystar PoS available on smartphones and tablet.


NairaPacket –

NairaPacket is an exciting, interacting and easy to use mobile application, with feature that transform your smart phone into a one app gadget with multi-functions for gaming, instant message and transfer of valued digital items.


PennyLender –

PennyLender looks beyond a person’s credit history allows people to borrow on their own terms. They provide access to credit at lower borrowing cost for millions of Nigerians that other lenders are unable to serve. Their loans are offered online, you only fill up a simple form, upload necessary documents and PennyLender credits your bank account – yep, it’s that convenient!


Plumter –

Plumter is your smart secretary that helps you schedule, coordinate and keep records of your meetings in a beautiful, everlasting calendar.


Yinola –

Yinola creates fun and vibrant apps. Their portfolio consists of the mobile game, “Anonted: The Chronicles of Laftu” and the mobile app “Poze”, where users can capture and share beautiful selfies with friends.

“There are many good apps on mobile, Yinola’s ethnic theme is better and refreshing. The best thing is that our apps are absolutely free.” says founder Yinka Iyinolakan.





Health problem addressed

The vast majority of elderly citizens (65 years or older in age) in Nigeria, and many other African countries, battle severely with deteriorating health across many different ailments. In most of these cases neither the state, their adult children nor extended families are able to manage this situation adequately. GeroCare is thus solving the problem of an absence of a structure for medical care for the elderly and improving on the current average life expectancy in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.


GeroCare’s solution

GeroCare leverages technology and traditional African family values of adult children taking care of their parents to provide a structure for medical care for the elderly. We make it easy for Africans within and outside their home countries (beginning with Nigerians) to subscribe for regular doctor home visits for their parents within their home country. Individuals are able to do register patient details and make payments through the GeroCare application. Patients are immediately matched with a doctor who is in close proximity and monthly medical visits begin. The family is updated with regular information as to the health status of the patient. In addition, the family can pay for any required tests and drugs via the app for direct delivery.


AfricArena is looking forward to welcoming GeroCare and Dr. Ebi Ofrey to the Summit in November 2019!


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