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AfricArena Tour: Kigali Highlights


Kigali was the second destination (out of 12) of the AfricArena Tour 2019. Having recently hosted the African Tech Summit, the Rwanda capital has a startup landscape that has grown tremendously in recent years.


In 2015, Rwanda was awarded the 1st place in the African continent for ICT development by the World Economic Forum. This was in recognition of the Rwandan economy’s prioritization of the ICT sector for infrastructural development and investment. We see this initiative bearing fruit, as Kigali is continuously birthing startups that have the potential to be solutions-orientated successes.


The Startup Pitch Event, which took place on May 2, brought together an enthusiastic crowd of 70+ people at K-Lab. Preceding the main event, the startup pitches, was a panel discussion on the ecosystem in Rwanda and how it fits into the broader African tech ecosystem.




The insightful and engaging discussion included the following panelists:

Henri Nyakarundi. Entrepreneur. Founder of ARED Group.

Lauren Nkuranga. Entrepreneur. Founder of GETIT Africa.

David L. Ross. Investor. Partner at Stratera Capital.

Aphrodice Mutangana. Ecosystem expert. General Manger at KLab.

Ara Nashera (Moderator). Co-founder of Impact Hub Kigali.


The Kigali startup pitch event attracted the top 11 tech-based Rwandan startups that are breaking ground in their own unique ways.


BAGInnovation –

By providing a creative new system for talent placement and business advisory in Rwanda – BAGInnovation aims to bridge the gap between the academic environment and the business actors.


Cosmic Jaunt –

Cosmic Jaunt’s mission is to utilize technology to empower young people to learn, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Cosmic Jaunt wants to be a 21st Century learning community dynamically driving towards a tech-literate generation of responsible and globally engaged citizens.


Exuus –

Exuus endeavours to create products that are ideal in every possible way. Products that excite, that are easy to use and powerful.


FreshBox –

FreshBox is on a mission to reduce the loss of farm produce during the supply chain and increase the freshness of produce by proving high-impact boxes for storage and transportation – boxes that are solar powered, have active temperature control, and are cheaper than traditional cold rooms.


HeptAnalytics –

Hept Analaytics is a bill payment platform targeted at the Rwandan diaspora, expatriates and local residents. It asserts itself as an easy, efficient and convenient payment service provider.


Lewis Group –

Lewis Group is a platform that brings customers and suppliers online to effectively buy and sell at a low service cost.


Olado –

Olado is an e-commerce platform on the rise. Through their marketplace, Olado asserts to help sellers to reach more people and grow their business and help buyers obtain any products or services they want and get them delivered at their doorstep


TivaMotos –

Tiva Motos is an e-commerce platform for moto riders In Rwanda.


Uplus –

U+ is a digital contributions platform which allows people to contribute for social matters (e.g weddings), save in groups and invest.


Wastezon –

By using a mobile app to connect Recycling industries with Households to transact recyclable solid wastes, Wastezon are getting everyone on the board in waste management.


YeGoBox –

YeGoBox secures and keeps all of your photos, audios stories, source code, recordings, videos, and more with advanced security controls, encryption key management, and complete information governance.





FreshBox has observed that approximately 40% of harvest is lost during the supply chain before the reaching the end-consumer. This is due to no proper storage facilities, no cold chain transportation (for appropriate goods), among other issues. They have finalized their proof of concept for their “FrechBox Delivery Box” and “FreshBox Coldroom” – solution designed for the entire supply chain that will reduce stock loss.



We look forward to welcoming the FreshBox Team in Cape Town in November at the grand stage of the AfricArena Summit!



A special thank you is owed to Kigali-based operation Startup Compound, for their strategic assistance in sourcing the startups and panelists for the successful event.


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