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AfricArena Tour 2019: Abidjan & Dakar Highlights


The 6th, 7th and 8th destinations (out of 12) of the AfricArena Tour 2019 saw the Team travel and host pitch events in the major capitals of thriving ecosystems in West Africa, namely, Lagos (read blog post), Abidjan and Dakar.



Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

The event, which took place on Tuesday, June 11th, brought together an enthusiastic crowd at CO.LAB.  Our hosts boast the reputation of having the one of the most resourced and innovative work spaces in Abidjan – a dynamic environment for  entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers and small businesses to connect and thrive.

Preceding the main event, the startup pitches, was a panel discussion on the ecosystem in Côte d’Ivoire – an analysis into its hyper-growth and how it fits into the broader African tech ecosystem.


Dmitry Fotiyev

  • Managing Partner at Brightmore Capital

Aude Juglard

  • Business Developer at CinetPay

Lamine Barro

  • CEO at Etudesk


Fatou Diop

  • General Director at CO.LAB

Aubin Zoh

  • Global Startup Ecosystem Ambassador



 Meet the startups from Abidjan! 

African Food –  (WINNER!)

African Food is a food waste reduction solution, and is playing its unique role in addressing the Global Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 12, which is to achieve a world without hunger and responsible production.   


Kale Job –  

The inaccessibily to job opportunities for young people in Ivory Coast is the massive problem that KaleJob is tackling. KaleJob is a web and mobile platform to help unemployed young people to find a job – a platform that does not rely on Internet access, but rather a SMS service. 7 months into its operation, KaleJob has close to 40 000 users and 66 companies recruiting through the platform.     



La Paire Glasses –  

Lapaire Glasses is a tech-enabled online and mobile solution adapted for the African market – to provide affordable and quality vision testing and appropriate eyewear. 




LONO –  

LONO’s mission is providing clean technologies for rural development. To do this, they provide services and products that help farmers, agribusinesses, businesses and organizations make the most of their waste.  



Moja Ride –  

Moja Ride addresses the problem of poor transport infrastructure in fast growing cities. Moja Ride connects you with all available mode of public transports in your city, helps you pay easily using the Moja Carte or the Moja Wallet App on your smartphone. 



SCash –  

SCash positions iteself as the future of Nano-banking. Their offering is an inclusive and smart banking service for individuals and micro-entrepreneurs. 



ZenAPI –  

ZenAPI is a smart, modern real estate management solution designed to meet the needs of real estate players: real estate agencies, lessors, shopping center managers, etc. Both web and mobile, the platform offers all the tools and innovative services to effectively manage your property assets. 



Dakar, Senegal

The event, which took place on Thursday, June 13th, brought together an enthusiastic 70+ crowd at CTIC Dakar.

Preceding the main event, the startup pitches, was a panel discussion on the ecosystem in Senegal – an analysis into its hyper-growth and how it fits into the broader African tech ecosystem.

Abdou C. Dieng  – Co-founder at

Jean-Philippe Gireaud – Head of Business Development at Methys Group.

Guillaume Jarlot – Projects Director for Development & Innovation at Vinci Energies.

Mohamed Ngom – Teranga Capital.

Ndeye Thiaw – Managing Partner at Brightmore Capital

Ousseynou Nar Gueye – Manager at CTIC




Meet the startups from Dakar!


Afrikamart – (WINNER!)

AFRIKAMART is an agritech startup that develops a set of innovative tools and services to address three of the biggest challenges in the agricultural sector, namely Effective Agriculture, Market Access and Logistics. Afrikamart uses digital technology to connect the various agri-food stakeholders in an optimal and transparent way, thus enabling fair trade. 


BaySeddo – 

BaySeddo is a platform linking Farmer Associations and investors.  


MJangale –  

To address the crucial issue of digital literacy, mJangale is an after school program welcoming children from 1st to 12th grade in three cities in Senegal – with a focus to improve STEM education, particularly coding. The learning and teaching methodologies focus on short lectures, hands-on sessions, projects, design thinking activities, teamwork, prototyping, oral presentations and talks from guest speakers. 


ParkSmart –  

ParkSmart specializes in remote controlled parking solutions. This is how they plan to roll out their solution:  

  1. Individuals will control parking spaces by using our remote access parking barriers   
  2. We will use remote access technology thru apps, RFI or QR Code to access the spots  
  3. Purchased parking spaces can be re-rented to other users by using our app  
  4. During the implementation of our solution we will improve sidewalks for pedestrians, which is our ultimate goal. 


SenVitale –  

This health-tech startup wants to create a Universal Health Passport in the form tech-based products that are able to give you vital health information whenever and where ever you are.  



WeeGo –    

WeeGo’s mission is to help African cities benefit from a flawless transport system. Their platform features 3 components: 1) a public transport geolocation app – with routes, arrival times, traffic, etc.; 2) crowdsourced data – where users provide the data which then WeeGo feeds into their algorithms; and 3) predictive analysis – utilizing machine learning techniques to predict bus arrival times, determine traffic and optimize routes.  


YUX Design –  

YUX is a well-established African research and design company. Their mission is to co-create with African communities digital products and services tailored to their diversity. The team has extensive experience in interactive entertainment and a considerable portfolio of games and apps, with more in the works. 


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