AfricArena expands VivaTech partnership to create more startup growth opportunities – NEWS


AfricArena expands VivaTech partnership to create more startup growth opportunities – Ventureburn

Ventureburn. Staff Reporter. 17 May 2019.


In addition to expanding its partnership with VivaTech, AfricArena also announced it had teamed up with the Digital Africa initiative.


Tech startup conference and ecosystem accelerator AfricArena yesterday announced at VivaTech that it has expanded its partnership with the French tech summit.


AfricArena said in a statement yesterday (16 May) that the expanded partnership is aimed at creating more growth opportunities as well as injecting more support into product and service development that will appeal to international markets.


VivaTech, dubbed the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders, kicked off yesterday in Paris and will run till tomorrow (18 May).


AfricArena’s delegation of ten African startups — AeroboticsDataProphetFinChatBotGuardian GabrielHomeFarmMedBitOniriqPayDunyaTravelBudds and Sea Monster — will showcase their solution at City Lab at VivaTech this afternoon.


Commenting in the same statement, VivaTech co-founder and head of partnerships and startups Vincent Viollain said VivaTech wanted to expand its relationship with AfricArena to help bridge the gap between “talented” African and European startups.


Viollain added that to date the partnership — which is about two years old — has led to what he described as amazing results that are built on two main aspects: corporate-centric and African ecosystem focused factors.

“Firstly, we want corporates to source startups through the Afric@Tech Track. We’ve been seeing many companies come back for another year — alongside new interests — showing growth success on the Afric@Tech scene. Secondly, it’s one of our goals to attract people who operate in the startup landscape and who are helping to build the continents’ ecosystem,” he explained.


Viollain said VivaTech is committed to its Pan-African agenda, adding that the tech conference is proud to have 25 African countries represented at this year’s edition of VivaTech.

“South Africa, especially, has a booming ecosystem, 28% of the African startup pool is from South Africa and we’re proud to be part of this network,” he said.


AfricArena CEO Christophe Viarnaud  said the expanded partnership will amplify the work that the two organisations have been doing together over the last two years.


New partnership with Digital Africa

AfricArena, yesterday, also signed a new partnership with Digital Africa, a French Development Agency (AFD)-backed initiative that aims to shape and strengthen the African entrepreneurial and innovation community.


The partnership will enable Digital Africa — which works with about 40 African and European partners — to co-operate with more ecosystem key players, connect African startups to resources and stimulate knowledge sharing.


As part of the partnership Digital Africa will collaborate with AfricArena, and participate in the GEC+Africa event. Digital Africa will also support AfricArena during its November tour as well as assist with organising and impacting its acceleration week.


Other initiatives that are part of the partnership include the AfricArena Tech Summit — which will take place on 11 and 12 November in Cape Town — and the GC Summit in October in Rwanda.


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