AfricArena Casablanca – Event Highlights


Casablanca bringing the heat at AfricArena’s latest event.

Our pre-selection pitching event in Morocco was excellent! Hosted by Casablanca-based La Factory, which accelerates the collaboration between tech startups and big corporates in Africa, we kicked off a successful event to an audience of roughly 100 entrepreneurs, corporates and Vinci Energies clients.

A quick summary of the event

 The pitch challenges with Vinci Energies, Air France-KLM and Saint-Gobain took place shortly after the Vinci Energies Innovation Day on 4 July, which was also held at La Factory. Our event, presented by La French Tech and The Silicon Cape Initiative, was filled with insightful discussions, featuring speakers from various corporate, investor, ecosystem and startup groups. The panel included Lydia Babci-Victor (Innovation and Development Director at Vinci Energies), Omar Laalej (Senior Manager at Africinvest), Mehdi Alaoui (CEO at Screendy and La Factory) and Khaoula Tanfioui (CEO at Bots Factory).
Over the course of the day, we were introduced to a group of smart individuals who pitched on behalf of their startup. For the Vinci Energies Challenge, Abderahman Kriouile (Farasha System) and Aziz Benabderrazik (Elum Energy) showed us how they would make energy more accessible in Africa. Anas Lafrouji pitched his Growithis Cloud Service to help enrich Joon (Air France-KLM’s new lower-cost subsidiary airline) with its customer journey, and Taha El Azizi (SpeedJob) and Mohammed Benjelloun (Ojobeo) introduced us to their skills upgrade solutions to help with Saint-Gobain’s Challenge. As a result, the pre-selected startup which won the Vinci Energies Challenge in Morocco, Farasha System, has also entered the second round of selection to pitch in Cape Town at the AfricArena 2018 conference.
The Best of Morocco Ecosystem Challenge included people from the following startups: Joshua Anthony (Casky), Amine Fassie Fihri (InDataCore), Safaa Norredine (Break), Nizar Sbaih (McDari), Bourakadi Mohamed Othman (, Aziz El Yaagoubi (ParkCasa) and Amine Taoudi Benchekroun (Mediclic). The champion startup of the day was Sheryn Ziana’s Eko-Geste, an application that allows you to collect and recover your recyclable waste. Eko-Geste has been invited to pitch at AfricArena in Cape Town. 
Overall, we were thrilled to see the level of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial culture in Casablanca. We would like to thank Mehdi Alaoui and his La Factory team for hosting the event, and all our partners for helping us bring African innovation and talents together. The unique startup talent we’ve witnessed is unbelievable and we would like to wish startups which won’t be attending AfricArena 2018 with us all the best. We will be keeping track of your success and future endeavours, and we hope to see you next year!

Gear up, AfricArena 2018 is around the corner

As a platform to connect investors from across the world with the most innovative startups from Africa, AfricArena encourages businesses to leverage these African opportunities. Each city’s ecosystem pitch has shown us incredible talent, so we are looking forward to our next stop in Lagos. This event will take place on 18 July at The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).
With a few more cities still to visit, we’re getting closer to the final conference which will take place on 15 and 16 November in Cape Town. Visitors who are attending can expect keynote speeches and panel discussions with influential speakers from Europe and Africa, as well as startups battling it out to win an investment opportunity. All startups interested can upload and submit their pitches, according to an AfricArena 2018 challenge, via our website. The challenges are as follows:

Air France-KLM Challenge : Air France-KLM has launched a new challenge on how technological innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) could enrich airline Joon (Air France-KLM’s new lower-cost subsidiary) with its customer journey.
Vinci Energies Challenge: This challenge focuses on how to make energy more accessible in Africa, using energy efficiency solutions such as energy flows, blockchain and AI.
Saint-Gobain Challenge: Saint-Gobain is looking for a solution to upgrade professionals’ skills across Africa (incl. remote areas).

 Lagos and Dakar Ecosystem Challenges: We are looking for the most disruptive startups in Lagos and Dakar to come and pitch at the AfricArena conference in Cape Town on 15 and 16 November 2018.

Air France–KLM Challenge 2: Air France-KLM is looking for an innovative solution that could help build and enrich the travel experience in Africa.
Saint-Gobain Challenge: Saint-Gobain is looking for a satellite trend analysis solution that is able to predict urban and climate challenges.
RCS Challenge: RCS is looking for a product which is able to secure and store customer ID and authentication credentials to help ease customer on-boarding and transaction approval.

For more information on how to get involved as a startup, investor or partner, please send your request to or register online today. We’re one step closer to the final event in Cape Town and we look forward to seeing you there!


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